January 31, 2016

Continuing on with my work based around shaders and panoramic projection (read the making of ‘Temples’ ).  In this this video, rather than animate the camera / spherical projection manually in After Effects, I made the camera purely random and generative, by adding noise() expressions to latitude, longitude, rotation and zoom.

Here’s a still of a panoramic frame..



also, here’s a final frame from the video – it’s more to show the detail unfortunately lost in Vimeo’s compression.  There’s a lot of fine, fast moving detail which is sacrificed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 14.10.51

A couple more characters – can you guess who they are?

barristan varys

Radiohead – Codex

July 14, 2015

I made this video using the 3 separate animations I done based on code generated particle animation.  You can watch and read about the original animations here-

Particle Man

Star Girl

Universe Hand

Star Girl

June 20, 2015

Another Particle based art work – an accompanying animation to the “Star Girl’ piece I done, and a complementary piece to Particle Man.


Here’s a general description of the process for these series of pieces.

“A mixture of particle physics, and NASA Voyager recordings.  This is an experimental digital work created using programming code to simulate mathematical and scientific models of particle collisions to create 3D sculptural forms.

Thousands of particles are released from a source in 3D space in close proximity to an invisible geometric shape of a human head.  Using newtonian physics to calculate the force, acceleration and mass of each particle – the software code simulates the trajectory and collisions of each particle.  The human head then starts to fill up with particles that collect inside and reveal the head shape with the various densities of particles.  Many particles also ‘miss’ and fall out into space around the head.

This is what I would call ‘emergent art’, in that I have no preconceptions of the final result, but rather rely on the unexpected results of a complicated simulation system using natural forces to create the final video.”

This animation originates from a still work.  Together, both the still work and the animation give the viewer a dual experience of a singular piece, offering and immersive and unique way of appreciating digital art.  It’s art in four dimensions you could say, a single piece experienced in time and space.”

Made with the Python programming language inside Cinema 4D

3D neon vector fields

October 31, 2014

is all I can really describe it as..  continuing my work using the Python programming language inside Cinema 4D to create flowing geometry in a 3d vector field.

These are some diagrams..

3d-vector-field-chart DW1ir


and here are the results inside Cinema 4D..

immerse3 immerse4 immerse5 immerse6 immerse7 immerse8 immerse9 immerse10 immerse11 immerse13 immerse14 immerse15 immerse16 immerse17 immerse19 immerse20 immerse21 immerse22 immerse24