Game of Thrones fan art

October 27, 2015

Was wanting to get back into Processing, and no better way than attacking Westeros, filmed not far from where I live in Belfast.

The technique is quite simple, a radial repeating pattern(based on the ‘golden angle’ seen in the patterns of flowers / seed pods etc) that uses sprite images relevant to the character.  For Tyrion, I took the actual swords from the Iron Throne to build up his image, and for Daenerys I used various scaly dragon scales.  The brightness of each of these is controlled by an underlying portrait photo.


tyrion dany

2 Responses to “Game of Thrones fan art”

  1. That’s really excellent. I’d love to see a Melisandre, of you could swing a fire pattern.

    That’s a great idea, pairing up iconic characters from Game of Thrones with such elements.

    Man, now I want to see Arya and a swirl of thin rapiers, representing Needle.

  2. yeah I might do a few others – good ideas!

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