Game of Thrones fan art

October 27, 2015

Was wanting to get back into Processing, and no better way than attacking Westeros, filmed not far from where I live in Belfast.

The technique is quite simple, a radial repeating pattern(based on the ‘golden angle’ seen in the patterns of flowers / seed pods etc) that uses sprite images relevant to the character.  For Tyrion, I took the actual swords from the Iron Throne to build up his image, and for Daenerys I used various scaly dragon scales.  The brightness of each of these is controlled by an underlying portrait photo.


tyrion dany

14 Paintings

July 4, 2012

“I blur things to make everything equally important and equally unimportant. I blur things so that they do not look artistic or craftsmanlike but technological, smooth and perfect. I blur things to make all the parts a closer fit. Perhaps I also blur out the excess of unimportant information.” – Gerhard Richter

Just a little experiment to extend Richter’s thoughts into the world of digital by using his original paintings as a starting point, outlining the creative potential of computer code to enhance and/or alter the process of painting and image creation. The technique takes random source points to create simple geometric shapes that are based on the underlying color palette. The placement of the shapes is based on mathematical and programming logic.

Most people only see the end result of digital work, ignoring the process. But the formal workings of digital art have parallels with the techniques and theoretical concerns of fine art, offering limitless possibilities.