(Supernova for iPad)

Supernova on App Store

(Eyegasm for iPad)

From award winning digital artist Glenn Marshall, Eyegasm is based on his critically acclaimed ‘Zio’ iPhone application.

Eyegasm functions much like a lava lamp, or an aquarium – add a soothing, animated visual experience to your room, heart and mind.

Beautiful, endlessly generating organic visuals take full advantage of the iPad’s amazing screen resolution and graphical capabilities.

Use pinch and touch gestures to freely move, zoom and rotate.

Or just sit and watch.


(Zio for iPhone and iPod touch)

An interactive generative art visualizer from award winning computer animator and software designer Glenn Marshall.

Explore and interact with an endlessly generating world of organic visuals.

– Use drag and pinch to pan, move and rotate through space.
– Pause / play, save snaphots to your photo library.
– Switch on audio reactive visuals (for devices with mic only).
– Comes with 3 unique preset Zio worlds.
– Shake to shuffle between presets.

Using the same Zio animation technology, Glenn collaborated with Peter Gabriel to create The Nest That Sailed The Sky music video which won at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, one of the biggest computer arts festivals in the world.

Zio Studio
Get the Zio Studio upgrade (via In App Purchase) and unlock the full creative power of the Zio system (interface examples in screenshots).

With the Zio Studio toolset you can customize or design from scratch your own unique interactive visualizations and digital artworks. Featuring 60+ editable parameters and 5 interface screens, you can alter and experiment with just about everything.

– Size, shape and growth of branches.
– Particle motion and dynamics.
– Colours, shading and special effects.
– Audio reaction settings for individual graphics.
– Alter the underlying math algorithms.
– Camera tracking and motion.
– Watch Zio react in real time as you make changes.
– 10 user preset slots to save your creations.
– Full visual instruction and help guide built in.

Zio is a fusion of science, technology, art, nature, mathematics and philosophy. Use it for the experience you want.

– A zen garden in your pocket.
– A sophisticated eco-graphic design tool for still art.
– An interactive meditation and therapeutic ‘aquarium’.
– An audio reactive bio-world.
– A performance instrument for organic visuals.
– An endlessly generating music video for your iPod library.

Join the user forums, create galleries, enter competitions,
and get further help mastering the art of Zio.

Think Zen. Think Bio.

For more info visit the Zio forum.


51 Responses to “Apps”

  1. modul8or said

    Hi there, how can i upgrade? did not find a link to do so in the application. thanks

  2. Hi
    Go to the ‘HELP’ page link on the intro screen, from there click on the ‘UNLOCK’ button to purchase the upgrade.

    Thanks, and Enjoy!

  3. Aemyn said

    The app doesn’t have a free version anymore ]:

    Dammit. I wanted to check this out…

  4. Was free for first month only, still a bargain though 😉

  5. none said

    Sure a Bargain, if it is that much of a bargain why not advertise the expensive update in itunes. oh yea and there are less expensive apps out there with an actual purpose.

    anyways its a great visual app.
    be well

  6. Hasan Oskay said

    Problem. I am using 3.1.2. I clicked unlock but I can’t see the bars for changing colors etc. I payed for it to unlock help!

  7. Andrew Pearce said

    Hey Glenn, any plans to do this sort of thing for android? I know there’s a project for processing on android, but it’s infant. I’d love to see this on my phone. Cheers man, keep up the awesome work.

  8. possibly! I’m still doing everything myself, once I get a team built, things like this will be more feasible.

  9. Brendan said

    I love the Zio app, but for me, there’s a vital feature missing. Is there any way you could incorporate at least some basic controls over the music player? I’d really like to be able to at least pause and restart the music.

  10. yes a few people have requested that, I’ll look into it..

  11. Brendan said

    Awesome. Also, I’ve just noticed the screen fades down after a few minutes (obviously a screen saver function) can this be disabled?

  12. Michael Fuchs said

    @Brendan, you can double-click your device’s home button to bring up the iPod controls overlay (you might have to enable that in the system’s preferences).

    @Glenn, I’m either really dumb or a bit disappointed: I can’t get the animation to respond to the iPod’s music. When I click the audio-reactive icon, it just fades out. Please don’t tell me that’s a “feature”… (!?)

  13. Sadly Michael Apple wont allow the device to ‘listen’ to the iPod library music (piracy worries) – so it will only react to music played externally – hopefully they will be less strict about it in the future.

  14. Michael Fuchs said

    Ahh, that’s what I feared… How about an import MP3 via WiFi function then?

  15. […] essentially a version of Zio, but without the menus and configurability options (p.s. you can still run Zio in ‘upscaled’ […]

  16. takumi said

    Hello, Glenn. I am in Japan and impressed by your apps. Unfortunately, ITMS in Japan does not sell your apps at this time. Any plan to sell your apps internationally?

  17. Hi Thanks,
    Zio as a free app is available only in the US at the minute, it integrates Apple’s new iAds network, which is US only – but will be functional in the rest of the world in the coming weeks, when Zio will also be available, so if you can wait a few weeks you can download it then 🙂

  18. Mark said


    Thanks for the latest update for iphone ios 4.01 but it still immediately crashes for me. FYI.


  19. Another user posted that if you uninstall completely, and reinstall, it worked – so try this maybe …

  20. Cliff said

    Hiya there,

    I’m trying to get Zio on my iPod and it’s only available in the US store? I’m living in Ireland, but by account is canadian, it seems it’s not on the canadian store…

    Can you tell me how to get it? I really would like a copy… I bought the eygasm, hoping it would work, but it’s limited to ipad. Any way to get a copy of Zio outside of the US?



  21. Hi Cliff
    Zio is only available in US/UK stores at the minute. The reason being that it is now a free app which uses Apple’s iAd built in advertising network, which is currently only implemented in US/UK. The good news it that this should be available world wide in the coming weeks.

  22. Magic & fantastic! I love this app!

  23. Maarten said

    Looks great, sadly it isnt for sale in Holland. Any idea when this will be available here?

  24. gradually throughout europe – was released in germany yesterday..
    hopefully soon for everywhere else!

  25. these are beautiful!! they really are stunning, they are the perfect accompaniment to my music collection, one thing though, are you planing to release a mac version of this? now that the mac app store is open, i know a few people who would love to see this as either a visualiser plugin for itunes, or as a standalone app that responds to input from the microphone.. just an idea. obv i realise that other projects take priority over something created a while ago now, but if this was implemented into itunes.. then.. wow. just wow. i dont think there would be a visualiser that could match the sheer beauty this one creates.

    anyway yeah, epic bit of kit here 🙂

  26. thanks very much rob, glad you like it,
    you’re right i have my plate full at the minute with other projects, but maybe at some point in the future i’ll revisit doing stuff for the mac app store.

  27. gtz said

    hey there. i’m trying to in-app-purchase zio studio, but i’m having trouble figuring out the process. any hints, please?

  28. it’s included free in the latest version 🙂

  29. Pierre said

    Hi. I pruchased Zio an would like to use it on my iPad2. The App launches, I click on the top border to get into the menu, and it appears. So far so good. But when I toggle around the help screens, suddenly the top menu bar dissapears. So there!s no way of getting rid of the help screens ,and getting back to pure vusals mode. I’m stuck in the help mode forever.

    I deleted the app and re-downloaded it from iTunes, but no luck. I really would have liked to use it during my visuals nights…
    Any thoughts?
    Best regstes

  30. Haven’t tested it on ipad2 or latest OS. It’s really just an iPhone app. Use Supernova or Eyegasm which are iPad specific.

  31. Pierre de Senarclens said

    Hi. Thanks for your reply.
    I also tested it on my iPhone 4, same problem. But I found out that it appears to be a memory bug or something related to that. I found a comment on iTunes of a guy who had the same issue. He noticed that when he erased the App from the mustitask bar, it would launch normally again. So I tried this, and the menu bar is visible again.
    Maybe you should try this on your own iPhone and see if you can reproduce it? Seems like loads of people are having that issue – pity, even if the app is free and your work otherwise is REALLY cool!

  32. Simon said

    Hi Glenn,

    It would be nice too see music/sound reactivity built into the eyegasm versions and and the ability to have the same configuration controls as in the zio pro version. I would pay up to 9.99 for this kind of functionality. Also – Love your work, has inspired me to lock myself in my house for the next couple of months and learn processing 🙂

  33. Thanks – but taking a break from iphone stuff for the minute..
    good luck with processing!

  34. are u going to take this apps into android?

  35. WOW! this is beautiful. Would be great to look at when listening to music after you have “freed up your mind.”

  36. Tony Smith said

    Just bought the Zio iPhone app for iPhone 4. When connected to VGA adapter, I’m unable to pull up any of the menus. The visualization on the VGA monitor appears to be one of the random presets. The iPhone screen stays completely blank and I tried touching everywhere on the screen, near all the borders and corners, but no menu access. Is this a bug?

  37. no you can’t interact with the menus while connected to vga – but you can create your visualization – store it as a preset – and then have it run while connected to vga.

  38. Tony Smith said

    That’s cool. After creating and saving a custom preset, how to make VGA mode only play the custom preset?

  39. just deselect all presets except yours, and that one will only run..

  40. Tony Smith said

    Thanks Glenn! Works on VGA adapter. Any plans for an app update? I just tried it with the HDMI adapter and it doesn’t fill the screen, leaves a large black border on the right side. It would be nice if it filled the screen or centered the image with equal black borders on both sides. The HDMI adapter is better than the VGA adapter because it allows simultaneous dock connection for power charging. As others have stated, I’d also pay for an in-app purchase to disable the iAds.

  41. Rauf Kasimov said

    Hello,Glenn.I just bought Zio and Eyegasm 1 for my I-pad 4, but no sound at all in it.How can you help me?I had tried everything,but useless.Thank you.

  42. thanks – not sure what you mean though – the apps don’t have sound – just visuals!

  43. hi, just got his and its amazing
    What would be so cool, to be able to stream from ipad over apple TV, so we can see your art work on the TV screen

    Any ideas, as this would be perfect for parties and chilling out on a big screen – thanks Gino

  44. Marco said

    Hi Glenn. Just purchased Eyegasm on ipad2. Launch if=black screen, app not working.
    Any suggestions?
    Regards, Marco

  45. Hi there
    I stopped working on these apps ages ago – so I’m not sure what works on what anymore!
    Try closing app & rebooting device. It it doesn’t work at all – you should be able to get a refund from iTunes. Apologies.

  46. Marco said

    I feel your apps do not work with newest IOS versions.
    So i suggest to pull them out of the store instead of letting users to manage for a refund.
    My two cents.

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