CULTURE SHOCK presents BOOM!, a good old-fashioned celebration of technology, creativity, physicality, and art.

The BOOM! exhibition experience begins in the elevators taking visitors to the show, where a series of generative animation artworks by Glenn Marshall will be screened, including Supernova, Eyegasm and Zio.

When input/output jacks were incorporated into boomboxes, allowing for the coupling of devices such as microphones and turntables, an explosion of creativity occurred. New forms of dance emerged, new forms of music, as cultural experimentation was taken to the streets. This installation pays homage to that energy.

Zio available world wide

November 8, 2010

My free iPhone app Zio is now available for download in all countries 🙂


iTunes link

Zio is now available in both US/UK as a completely free app, go here:-

Zio in iTunes UK

Rest of world imminent!

Zio, the one and only graphic and audio reactive visualizer for iPhone, now a single free app on iTunes, initially US only, rest of world to follow…



There seems to be crashing issues with the new update adversely affecting older devices due to iOS 4 extra memory demands – I’ve just been working to resolve this and the problem seems to be fixed – Look out for another update in about a week!


New features in version 1.1 –

– 10 predesigned visualizer presets.

– ‘Trails’ render mode, generates motion trails of entire graphic scene.

– ‘Paint’ render mode, redraws continually over graphic scene, in effect becoming an interactive, animated painting tool.

– Randomizer function – Completely randomizes all the settings to quicky and easily generate new Zio visualizations.

– Automatic timer to randomly shuffle through presets.

– External VGA projection support (iPhone 4/iPad VGA adapter compatible).

– iAds supported (disables after 3 min, future updates will include purchase option to disable completely).

– Autolock override.


(Preset Gallery)


(Trails mode example)


(Paint mode example)


(Randomizer gallery examples)


(Help Screens)


(Full app Description)

An interactive generative art visualizer – explore and interact with an endlessly generating world of organic, audio reactive visuals.
** 2009 Best App Ever Awards finalist **
** 15 Best and Must Have iPhone Apps of 2009 **
** “Download this amazing app and have an eyegasm” **
– Use drag and pinch to pan, move and rotate through space.
– Pause / play, save snaphots to your photo library.
– Switch on audio reactive visuals (for devices with mic only).
– Comes with 3 unique preset Zio worlds.
– Shake to shuffle between presets.
Using the same Zio animation technology, Glenn collaborated with Peter Gabriel to create The Nest That Sailed The Sky music video which won at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, one of the biggest computer arts festivals in the world.
Zio Studio
With the Zio Studio toolset you can customize or design from scratch your own unique interactive visualizations and digital artworks.  Featuring 60+ editable parameters and 5 interface screens, you can alter and experiment with just about everything.
– Size, shape and growth of branches.
– Particle motion and dynamics.
– Colours, shading and special effects.
– Audio reaction settings for individual graphics.
– Alter the underlying math algorithms.
– Camera tracking and motion.
– Watch Zio react in real time as you make changes.
– 10 user preset slots to save your creations.
– Full visual instruction and help guide built in.
Zio is a fusion of science, technology, art, nature, mathematics and philosophy.  Use it for the experience you want.
– A zen garden in your pocket.
– A sophisticated eco-graphic design tool for still art.
– An interactive meditation and therapeutic ‘aquarium’.
– An audio reactive bio-world.
– A performance instrument for organic visuals.
– An endlessly generating music video for your iPod library.
Think Zen.  Think Bio.

Supernova is an animated real time visualizer of exploding stars and nebulae.

– Watch stellar visuals in deep space as they slowly expand and contract.

– Based on a pioneering generative animation system by award winning digital artist & programmer Glenn Marshall.

– Complex algorithms continuously generate an infinite variety forms, patterns and motion.

– Perfect as visuals for any kind of music.

– iPad HD graphics quality.

– Inspired by Hubble telescope style photography and Turner paintings.

– Ideal as a cosmic, meditative ‘Aquarium’ for the home.

– Amazing as wallpaper art.

– Use pinch and touch gestures to freely move, zoom and rotate.

– Shake iPad to regenerate random colours.

– Visit the website to see galleries and demo video.


“The App as Art”

Supernova projected live from iPads at Art Basel, Switzerland – a premier international Contemporary & Modern Art Festival, and a technical first for the iPad.

New features for Supernova coming soon include:-
– VGA projection mode – connect to external TV/Projector
– Automatic color change set to timer
– Auto Lock override