My music video for Peter Gabriel – The Nest That Sailed The Sky is featured in Onedotzero’s new Adventures in Motion festival – there’s a special free screening of Processing works this week at the BFI in London, details here and below.


code warriors: a decade of processing [FREE]

onedotzero celebrates 10 years of the programming language Processing. Open source, it encompasses a development environment and an online community promoting software literacy within visual arts. A specially curated highlights package of past and present works in motion in association with See extended session panel with artists Q&A and workshop.
Free drop-in screenings:
Thu 24 Nov | 12:00-14:30 | Studio
Fri 25 Nov | 14:30-1700 | Studio
Sat 26 Nov | 10:00-14:00 | Studio
Sun 27 Nov | 14:30-17:00 | Studio

Was delighted to find out from a friend that Peter has been using the video I made for him ‘The Drop’ for his live orchestral performance of it in his current tour!

I always envisaged collaborating with a band/artist like this, but creating a visual cinematic story for the entire show, without complex props, stage fx or anything – just screens and imagery.  Maybe one day.

Here’s the pics (thanks Michael), and some youtube footage. The mobile phones footage don’t pick it up that well, but it’s exciting to see – especially the O2 arena – the opening is quite dramatic set against the orchestra in a stadium scale.  The actual original music video I’ve posted here also.


Here’s some footage, filmed by fans with mobile phones, of Peter Gabriel’s recent South American tour.  I prodcued the animated visuals for the song ‘No Self Control’  – a combination of my work done in Processing and clips from some of my earlier animated films.

The audio/video quality isn’t great, but you can make out enough detail and colour.  There is a running theme of insects, growing vines, pulsating nerve networks and chaotic butterflies.

Picture 3

My video for Peter Gabriel, The Nest That Sailed The Sky, has won an award of distinction at this year’s Prix Ars Electronica. 

from the press release :-

“Glenn Marshall is the graphic artist responsible for Peter Gabriel’s music video “The Nest that Sailed the Sky.” The animation transports viewers into magnificent fantasy worlds in which plantlike organisms sprout, send out shoots and proliferate. The video was created with Processing, an open-source programming language & environment.” ……full list of winners here.

ahem…I’d like to thank…

everyone who introduced/inspired me to learn Processing, and everyone on the Processing forums for their support.

everyone on/at Vimeo for hosting my work, and all the encouraging feedback and comments.

and finally thanks to Peter!


Have just finished producing concert visuals for Peter Gabriel for his South American tour which kicks of next week, produced through onedotzero in London.

The picture above is the military airbase in Wiltshire were he has been rehearsing, and where the lighting and visuals have been tested too.

I’ve created visuals for his song ‘No Self Control’, which consists lots of my Processing work (procedural animation) and sequences from some of my earlier work ‘Butterfly’.  Has been a great thrill to work with my hero once again, I’ll hopefully get some pics/footage from the concerts and post them here soon.

Below are just a few of the dates.