September 8, 2015

What began as a play on the visual connection between iconic statues, became an animation using anamorphosis (the optical illusion effect used in 3d street art), but then took on a deeper layered meaning in the wake of the current migrant / refugee crisis. Much like how the initial visual idea spontaneously occurred to me, the associated words of the statues themselves suddenly hit me… “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..” and “Why hast thou forsaken me?”. There can be many influences on interpretation – topical, personal, subconscious, political and religious. Ultimately the hybrid symbolism in the film makes its own meaning, but you may have a very different reaction to it than someone else. ‘Anamorphosis’ is a Greek word, literally meaning “to look at something in a different way.”. This too I feel describes the film at a deeper level, and not just the visual technique.

Radiohead – Codex

July 14, 2015

I made this video using the 3 separate animations I done based on code generated particle animation.  You can watch and read about the original animations here-

Particle Man

Star Girl

Universe Hand

Universe Hand

July 12, 2015

Last in my trilogy of particle animation pieces – created purely with programming and algorithms.  In Universe Hand, I switch between 2 noise types which control the flow fields for the particle stands.  I alternate between ‘cloud’ like noise for organic, natural flow, and ‘block cell’ noise to create a linear circuit-like flow.  The particles also expand and contract in sync with the Indian yogic breathing technique ‘Pranayama’ – in this video ‘inhaling’ for 8 seconds, and ‘exhaling’ for 4 seconds.

There are parallels to the scientific model of an infinitely expanding and contracting cycle of the universe, and also referring to the Hindu mystical idea of Vishnu, the creator and destroyer of each universe cycle with his in-breath and out-breath.

Made with the Python programming language inside Cinema 4D.









Made with the Python programming language inside Cinema 4D.

‘Star Girl’

May 31, 2015


Made with the Python programming language inside Cinema 4D.