I’ve finished my CGI work for the full dome planetarium film Ancient Skies.

Thought I’d show one of the converted frames from the 4k dome master, to a flat version suitable for creating an HD master.  It’s a nice way to appreciate the work – these are full res frames.

I’m proud of the work I done on this. If you go through my previous blogs, you’ll see how I created the parchment texture from scratch procedurally using Perlin noise layers to create complex textures, that can also flow and animate like clouds.  The hatching & sketching effect I coded purely in Processing – it’s a filtering process which takes in a grayscale source image and draws thin (polygonally generated) black lines and adjusts width depending on the 0-255 brightness value of each underlying pixel (again previous blogs show me developing this code).

The actual model and animation of stone henge was done in 3ds max.  So all in all this has something which has stretched my whole capabilities as a digital artist – everything from 3d, procedural generation, & self coded image fx.

Orrery in Space

March 7, 2012

Latest bit of work for the Planetarium film I’ve been working on. Try to imagine yourself in the center of a 360 degree dome with this projected onto it.  More info at ancientskies.info

Supernova is an animated real time visualizer of exploding stars and nebulae.

– Watch stellar visuals in deep space as they slowly expand and contract.

– Based on a pioneering generative animation system by award winning digital artist & programmer Glenn Marshall.

– Complex algorithms continuously generate an infinite variety forms, patterns and motion.

– Perfect as visuals for any kind of music.

– iPad HD graphics quality.

– Inspired by Hubble telescope style photography and Turner paintings.

– Ideal as a cosmic, meditative ‘Aquarium’ for the home.

– Amazing as wallpaper art.

– Use pinch and touch gestures to freely move, zoom and rotate.

– Shake iPad to regenerate random colours.

– Visit the website to see galleries and demo video.


“The App as Art”

Supernova projected live from iPads at Art Basel, Switzerland – a premier international Contemporary & Modern Art Festival, and a technical first for the iPad.

New features for Supernova coming soon include:-
– VGA projection mode – connect to external TV/Projector
– Automatic color change set to timer
– Auto Lock override