This is the Picture

February 11, 2021

Generated with Artificial Intelligence, all the images in this music video are created from text input. Using the song lyrics as the source, the computer interprets each line into what it ‘thinks’ the words are trying to describe. Music by Peter Gabriel / Laurie Anderson

Ghosts of the Holocaust

January 11, 2021

Computer generated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), this video is a photo mural of phantom Holocaust prisoners. The AI model was trained on mugshot photos of actual prisoners. Using this trained model, the technology typically creates realistic ‘fake’ results, but here the parameters are set to allow going beyond realistic – allowing the algorithm to travel through a ghostly computer space between the real and the unreal that reveals faces and apparitions through random chance.

This is my new channel I created for my AI / Machine Learning generated video and art. The more subscribers I get, the more I’ll be inspired to create new content!

Mercy Street

December 6, 2020

One Night in Space

December 4, 2020

My latest work in machine learning based art.