My video ‘Music is Math’ gets its second showing in New York next week. Always better to see such things in a gallery space rather than the internet.

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My new music video is complete – watch this space for launch event details..

“A music video made out of random, procedurally generated worlds and landscapes created entirely from programming code. A collaboration, or perhaps, a collision – an accident waiting to happen between two unconventional artists Glenn Marshall (animator / programmer) and Hello Moth (singer / songwriter).

This was a process of discovering, creating and exploring random worlds through code and numbers, tweaking, playing, running the program, to see what is created. It might reveal a world or a landscape that fits with a particular part of the song – with the lyrics, the pace etc, – a continual journey through the randomly generated and how it connects literally, metaphorically or emotionally to the song.

The world generation algorithms mainly depend on 3D perlin noise – this is a basic cloud like random generator – but when mixed with other algorithms, complex and exciting results can happen.

The visual rendering system is based on the ‘Distance Estimation / Ray Marching’ technique normally used to render 3D fractals, but here used to create cube and grid worlds. There are no wireframes or meshes involved – no timelines, keyframes or fancy user interfaces – everything is expressed as math and formula in lines of code, including all the animation and distortion effects (often synced to the music’s BPM) and all the camera movement.

The result is ‘Clouds in Cloudless Skies’ – Bladerunner meets Koyaanisqatsi meets Minecraft. An ambitious, passionate exploration of random infinite beauty through the art of computer programming.

Made with the Processing programming language.”

Teaser 5 & 6

February 8, 2014




teaser #4

January 18, 2014


teaser #3

December 21, 2013