Making an Algorithm

June 15, 2019

I recently decided to go back to what I enjoy doing most, and probably what I’m best at – generative / algorithmic animation.

So I started by looking at this – a stock photo I found on the internet..

So I thought – how could I generate this kind of image purely from code?
Well about a month later – coding in Processing, I ended up with this..

How did I get there? Well here’s a very quick photo journal…

I first started with creating basic bezier lines. You’ll see I’m always working with the original stock photo on the left on my iMac as reference.

Then simple random shading.


Spatial distribution.

Color gradients.

Fine tuning.

Fun play by tweaking parameters.

Shadow effects.

System finished, and with a bit more tuning I would end up with my final result seen above.

Here’s some of the parameters I can play around with.

Which allowed me to create these.

But this is just the beginning.
My next phase is to create new works in 4K. I’ll be starting a new YouTube channel dedicated to this.
You’ll see from the pics that I’m coding on my 55″ 4K HDR screen. I use my iMac just a reference / second monitor now.
Coding on a big screen is as experiential and cinematic as watching back the results 🙂

The animation possibilities of my new algorithm, combined with the visual impact of 4k, is now the focus of my next works.

Here are some teasers in this resolution.

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