Neural Art

July 24, 2018

Ever restless and never wanting to keep doing the same kind of thing, I’m currently delving into ‘neural art’. I thrive on the new, and learning new things, doing new things, with new tools and new techniques – that, historically has been always been my inspiration.

By neural art, I mean machine learning, artificial intelligence and in my first quick experiments – exploring neural style transfer. Neural style transfer is an AI process of looking at one picture, and transferring its visual aesthetic style onto another picture.

There’s lots of open source code for this available on the web. I spent time finding the best code, installing it and setting up my laptop with GPU / CUDA enhanced acceleration (absolutely essential for this kind computationally intense work).

Here’s my first results, it takes time, like anything, tweaking parameters, seeing what works, why it works.. learn, process, see, repeat..

For the source images with which to ‘extract’ a visual style, I chose local Belfast artist John Luke (1906 – 1975) – and transferred his style onto photos of some iconic landmarks in the city – the whimsical notion of how a dead artist would new perceive and paint his modern day birth city if he were alive.

One Response to “Neural Art”

  1. jonvon73 said

    Which software tools are you using for this work?

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