Evolution – crowd funding?

July 17, 2014

Hi Folks,

I need some objective feedback about my Evolution film concept- currently not sure whether to proceed with the whole crowd funding thing on Indiegogo / Kickstarter.  I already tried to the raise the funds here in Ireland through the Film Board’s yearly animation funding programme – but it never got shortlisted – so it’s put some doubt in my mind – maybe I should just ditch it and focus on new things.

Here’s the storyboard





‘Evolution’ I want to be a beautiful visual and musical poem to science, art and reason – which also confronts the God delusion and replaces it with an inspirational and uplifting view of the cosmos without any need for the supernatural… i.e. ‘the magic of reality’.

This is a film I would love to be shared and go viral, in countries and cultures where science and free thinking are dangerous ideas, to give inspiration and confidence to those secretly questioning God and religion.  I would love it to win and screen at film festivals world wide, to be a talking point, disruptive and controversial, but also an enlightening and sublime piece of work.  Ultimately I would hope to see this film as part of the school cirruculum, shown in classrooms, not just in Science, but in Philopophy and Art.

The amount I need would be about a years salary – I’ll be doing everything – all the animation and music, using 2d and 3d animation, code art and experimental techniques.  I want to it be my Magnum Opus in digital art and film making.

Here you can see a demo reel of all my previous work in 3d, motion graphics, and code art –


Here’s some of the material from the original funding application for ‘Evolution’.  I also turned the storyboard into an animatic (moving storyboard) which you can see above.

Director’s notes

‘Evolution’ is a hypnotic, epic, animated collage – depicting the origins of the universe and of life on earth – a rich tapestry of evolving shapes, colours, patterns and forms spanning 14 billion years condensed into 5 minutes.

It is a film which aims to poeticise science, to express the greatest story in the universe as a piece of video art.

The main artistic technique used is based on self-repeating patterns, a unique video art concept developed by the Director called ‘Fractal Iteration. These patterns are found everywhere in nature – from seashells, snowflakes and flowers to crystals, molecules and galaxies.

‘Evolution’ also shows no compunction in depicting God as a man made artefact of mind in light of scientific evidence showing all creation as a natural process – and takes Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ as its iconic visual theme, deconstructing it symbolically to reflect the films ultimate message.

The film aims to enter the debate of Creationism vs Evolution, of Religion vs Science – by creating something which is inspirational, emotional and beautiful as the force of its argument.

We are all made of star stuff, and we are all African.


Here’s the full high res storyboard

evolution storyboard


2 Responses to “Evolution – crowd funding?”

  1. Ali said

    It gave me goosebumps, you should definitely try crowd funding to finish this work.

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