Draw Mohammad Day?

May 21, 2012

My contribution to the Draw Mohammad Day yesterday. Everyone seemed to be hell bent on drawing offensive, insulting images and starting a Holy War. Thought I’d try to do something nice instead with generative art (math & code), and still make a point about freedom of speech.


5 Responses to “Draw Mohammad Day?”

  1. Imran Ali said

    That’s lovely Glenn… shows its possible to blend freedom of speech without offending 🙂

  2. Its more creative being a peacmaker-it opens avenues of thoughts then actions….how can the whole world see this?
    Bless you!!!!!

  3. bliblue said

    Could you create the same picture while only allowing shapes up to a certain size? I find the biggest characters break the flow of the piece

    Congrats anyway, a good idea, a good execution

  4. maybe – it might gain in some ways, and it might loose in others.. it’s trying to find the right balance, and tweaking the code accordingly – which always seems to have a mind of its own anyway.

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