Iterating a Logo to infinity

April 11, 2012

Have been playing around with the Space Filling code I’ve so enjoyed developing in the past.  I’ve spent time optimising the code, ensuring that it looks good at high res, so that art works could be created for print / wall murals etc.

The basic premise of the Processing code is to randomly and repeatedly place a shape or graphic in an empty space until there is no room left, upon which the graphic is made smaller, and the testing begins again to fill in available spaces.  This is repeated until the graphic is ‘infiniely’ small.

The result is a sort of fractal iteration.  The source graphic, be it a logo, letter, number or abstract shape always seems to create its own unique composition, which retains the characteristics of the original image, and captures its essence in the millions of iterations.  Sometimes I’ll use an invisible matte layer to guide the contours, such as a circle or heart shape.

My next few blogs will probably see me develop a series of art works like these, where I’ll develop and experiment with the ‘filling’ algorithm.

To start with here’s the logo of my agency and studio in New York – Culture Shock, followed by some high res, iterative art.


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