Planetarium Dome Project

November 18, 2011

This is my latest project – I’m doing the CGI for a planetarium full dome film – the dome is a 360 degree screen that puts you ‘inside’ the film. The film is about ancient monuments like Stone Henge, and the emergence of the new science of archaeo-astronomy. I’m using 3d animation combined with my own self programmed filters built in Processing to create ye olde/da vinci sketched style on parchment. The parchment itself is a complex combination of fractal noise layers – I’ll do a separate blog on this next.  The cross hatching I’ve already showed exmples from in my previous ‘Flow of Life’ blogs.  These are just a few stills from the first scene in the film, and some empty parchment examples upon which all the CGI scenes will be ‘drawn’.


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