The Flow of Life

September 24, 2011

Just some early tests of perlin flow field stuff for some new projects I’ve started on.  Perlin flow fields use perlin noise as a vector field to create fluid like motion.

In one of my projects I’m using it to create the shapes of trees, landscapes, grass, growth, clouds.  In fact, this basic mathemical principle can be seen everywhere in nature,  either flowing in motion as with water, or staic in structure like tree branches.  Lots of examples below.

I’m using the same process for a cross hatching filter – you can see this below also as applied to a photograph of come clouds.


2 Responses to “The Flow of Life”

  1. debra said

    Beautiful, I especially like the ultra fine line and movement of these abstract pieces.

  2. I forgot you had an artistic background Debra – you appreciate the finer things 🙂

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