The Drop – Live visuals for Peter Gabriel

March 26, 2011

Was delighted to find out from a friend that Peter has been using the video I made for him ‘The Drop’ for his live orchestral performance of it in his current tour!

I always envisaged collaborating with a band/artist like this, but creating a visual cinematic story for the entire show, without complex props, stage fx or anything – just screens and imagery.  Maybe one day.

Here’s the pics (thanks Michael), and some youtube footage. The mobile phones footage don’t pick it up that well, but it’s exciting to see – especially the O2 arena – the opening is quite dramatic set against the orchestra in a stadium scale.  The actual original music video I’ve posted here also.



3 Responses to “The Drop – Live visuals for Peter Gabriel”

  1. nice that it still has life years later. really beautiful film and that looks like a great setup with the 3 vertical screens. congrats

  2. artwork said

    Nice Post Really Peter Gabriel Is A Great Killer Singer,I Must Be Waiting For Your New Post.

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