March 3, 2011


6 Responses to “One”

  1. Excellent work G.

  2. by the way everyone, this is a collaborative concept trailer I made with fellow film maker Hugh McGrory for a planned feature documentary featuring artist 101love –

    It’s a film about science, religion and love, using the Kabbalist knowledge of the Torah as an example – the ancient texts shared by the major world religions.

  3. mg said

    Sorry, even disregarding the message, the video is still incoherent and fragmented. Colours as well as style vary wildly between sections.

    I quite like the individual parts, but as a whole I find it too broken up.

  4. It’s really a teaser trailer, made for low budget in a short period of time. – more aimed at raising interest in development and investment for production.
    The feature documentary we have in mind will have a very clear narrative, interviews with scientists, rabbis, mathematicians, thinkers etc – with extensive data and code visualisations and animations, made by a studio of animators and artists, and with a full film crew etc etc.

  5. chazzzzzzzz said

    the message is clear and the video lets the viewer think and experience all at the same time ~~ all in a span of little more then 4 minutes ~~coooool~~:)

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