December 4, 2010

This is my new project, Hexyle, a 3d openworld, building, gaming and exploration universe.

The entire world is generated procedurally from algorithms and can be explored infinitely in all directions.  Everything is made up of hexagonal tiles, which you can dismantle, or start building your own things, like a huge Lego kit.  The world will also double up as a gaming arena, where you can play various types of customised games from all sorts of genres such as puzzle, strategy, racing, shooting, role playing and table top warfare.

At anytme you can choose to simply explore the endless world, stop and play games, or build your own buildings, objects and landscapes.  It will include an advanced physics system, day/night and dynamic weather, among many other features I hope to include.

The game is for PC & Mac, will be available as a free Beta download, and then eventually a commercial version.  It will include both offline play and online multiplayer.

I’ve only just started on this, and got a basic terrain generating system in place – there’s a lot to do yet!

More soon..


4 Responses to “Hexyle”

  1. debra said

    Brilliant, Glenn! Really excited about following your development on this. ~Debra

  2. thanks debs, i’m really excited about this project, will need your help to promote it!

  3. Wadziu said

    Looks nice but idea seems to be similar to Minecraft. Nevertheless I’m excited to check that out 🙂

  4. […] game Hexyle is progressing nicely.  I’ve just nailed the 3d rendering system, which creates a […]

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