Painting the moment

August 14, 2010

Trying out the first brush painting mode for my Art Cam app – it’s quite basic at the minute, but I’m happy with the results.

Decided to test drive it going out for a coffee and a stroll in the park on a sunny day.  The pics are taken like photographs, the iPhone paints the scene in real time, and hit camera button to take a snap.

It uses my mosaic code as the basis to analyse the incoming camera feed and average out similar areas of color into a single block.  A stamp of a simple brush sprite is then painted into the block according to the block size, and also with some randomisation of position to avoid ‘grid’ artifacts.  The smaller the block area, the less randomisation, so that some level of detail can be maintained.

There are no colorizing/palette fx yet on the images – these pics use the colors straight from the camera view, but I have some coloring algorithms done which I’ll be showing next, with hopefully some more development on the brushed painting mode too.


One Response to “Painting the moment”

  1. joesfer said

    Looks promising already, looking forward to see how it turns out!

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