Zio 1.1 for iOS 4, new features, free app.

July 16, 2010

Zio, the one and only graphic and audio reactive visualizer for iPhone, now a single free app on iTunes, initially US only, rest of world to follow…



There seems to be crashing issues with the new update adversely affecting older devices due to iOS 4 extra memory demands – I’ve just been working to resolve this and the problem seems to be fixed – Look out for another update in about a week!


New features in version 1.1 –

– 10 predesigned visualizer presets.

– ‘Trails’ render mode, generates motion trails of entire graphic scene.

– ‘Paint’ render mode, redraws continually over graphic scene, in effect becoming an interactive, animated painting tool.

– Randomizer function – Completely randomizes all the settings to quicky and easily generate new Zio visualizations.

– Automatic timer to randomly shuffle through presets.

– External VGA projection support (iPhone 4/iPad VGA adapter compatible).

– iAds supported (disables after 3 min, future updates will include purchase option to disable completely).

– Autolock override.


(Preset Gallery)


(Trails mode example)


(Paint mode example)


(Randomizer gallery examples)


(Help Screens)


(Full app Description)

An interactive generative art visualizer – explore and interact with an endlessly generating world of organic, audio reactive visuals.
** 2009 Best App Ever Awards finalist **
** 15 Best and Must Have iPhone Apps of 2009 **
** “Download this amazing app and have an eyegasm” **
– Use drag and pinch to pan, move and rotate through space.
– Pause / play, save snaphots to your photo library.
– Switch on audio reactive visuals (for devices with mic only).
– Comes with 3 unique preset Zio worlds.
– Shake to shuffle between presets.
Using the same Zio animation technology, Glenn collaborated with Peter Gabriel to create The Nest That Sailed The Sky music video which won at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, one of the biggest computer arts festivals in the world.
Zio Studio
With the Zio Studio toolset you can customize or design from scratch your own unique interactive visualizations and digital artworks.  Featuring 60+ editable parameters and 5 interface screens, you can alter and experiment with just about everything.
– Size, shape and growth of branches.
– Particle motion and dynamics.
– Colours, shading and special effects.
– Audio reaction settings for individual graphics.
– Alter the underlying math algorithms.
– Camera tracking and motion.
– Watch Zio react in real time as you make changes.
– 10 user preset slots to save your creations.
– Full visual instruction and help guide built in.
Zio is a fusion of science, technology, art, nature, mathematics and philosophy.  Use it for the experience you want.
– A zen garden in your pocket.
– A sophisticated eco-graphic design tool for still art.
– An interactive meditation and therapeutic ‘aquarium’.
– An audio reactive bio-world.
– A performance instrument for organic visuals.
– An endlessly generating music video for your iPod library.
Think Zen.  Think Bio.

26 Responses to “Zio 1.1 for iOS 4, new features, free app.”

  1. Alan said

    This looks great, any idea when it is coming to the uk store??

  2. next few weeks hopefully…

  3. Phil said

    I downloaded Zio through iTunes, but it will not transfer to the iPad because it required IOS 4, which may not ship until November. Any chance you will have a version of Zio between now and then that will work on the iPad? 🙂

  4. Phil said

    Aha, I see that Eyegasm is Zio for iPad. Sorry to bother.

  5. Myles said

    This is / was such a brilliant app; one of the reasons I got an iTouch in the first place. Unfortunately it doesn’t load anyone since iOS4. This ‘update in about a week’ – any idea when it might be done? I miss playing with Zio…

  6. Hi –
    Try completely removing the old version before installing the update – should work..

  7. mitchell parker said

    gidday there, awesome looking work on this app…
    when will it be available on the new zealand store?

  8. Hi-I’ll be making it globally available again soon – promise 🙂

  9. Roy said

    When will it update. I just purchase it now. But it crashes on my Ipt4g. I want money back. Its great but cant use it.

  10. should work on i4,
    make sure to delete/uninstall all previous versions before reinstalling.

  11. Ivan said

    For some reason on the ios 5, iphone 4, opening the app will cause the sound from the music player to pause. Please rectify this.

  12. Kevo said

    Hello, I’ve been thinking about purchasing this app, however, in the reviews people are mainly complaining about the iAds remaining even after paying for this app. Does the “Zio Studio” in-app purchase permanently remove iAds from your app?

  13. The iAds appear for 3 min then switch off. The app used to be free, but the whole iAds feature has been a joke by Apple – they haven’t delivered anywhere near the revenue promised to developers, so I had to charge for the app again to help get something. I spent about year developing these apps, but couldn’t continue because I can’t afford it anymore. I guess I was trying to be a bit too ‘arty’ and not commercial enough with my ideas 😉

  14. Tammie said

    I love this app. I’m new with it as soon as I open it the banner is at the top and when I use a preset I can’t make the numbered preset screen go away so I can see the picture nicely or save any of the photos I want!! How do I make this go and bring the banner back to the top again or just make the over lays go away?? I’m on an iPhone 4s!! I think I’ve read all there is on this app. And can’t seem to find the answer. Please help! Tammie

  15. Hi – Glad you like the app – the problem you mentioned happens just with the latest iOs – I haven’t updated the app in a long time (since v3!) – but I think it just about functions okay. Sorry.

  16. I’ve purchased the app but it’s not working on my iPhone 4 , 4.3.3 IOS, exit immediately when launched!, please fix it or at least tell us how to get it to work!

  17. Hi
    Try deleting older versions first, then reinstalling.

  18. Ainz said

    This app is amazing, but it’s hijacked with an annoying iAd the top of the screen. This ruins the aesthetics and makes it almost impossible to click on the pulldown edit bar. Help!!!!

  19. the ads turn off after 3 minutes,
    sorry, but I never made much money from sales, so I was trying to claw back a bit from the year’s work I put into it!

  20. Eric Dumalanede said

    Hello support team for Zio,
    This is a beautiful app and visualiser well thought out and easy to customize, however I have a few issues and a concern or two. First off I’m in Canada and this app isn’t free. Still only a nominal .99 cents and affordable. Second I still am plagued with a advertisement banner atop my screen. The paid version is free of this annoyance is it not?? And finally why can’t I play music while this app is running either it freezes when I try hitting my home button twice and forcing music to play or the music fades out or the screen crashes altogether…. This makes the whole premise behind this app kind of redundant. Can these be fixed on my device? It’s a brand new iPhone 5 16g Rogers wireless. Can u help me and fix this?

  21. Hi, Thanks for writing and getting Zio,
    The app is .99 everywhere – and the ads disappear after 3 minutes. A apologize for this – I made little financial return on making the app – which took me about a year! So I implemented iAds – but that didn’t make much difference. I’ve stopped developing the app – so there won’t be anymore updates. Regarding music – it should work fine with music playing – I tested it on my iPhone 4 and it works. Just make sure you don’t have the audio reactive feature switched on otherwise it won’t work.

  22. […] ID 338522836)Genre or Category: EntertainmentPrice: $0.99Version: 1.2Developer: Glenn Marshall at https://glennmarshall.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/zio-1-1-for-ios-4-new-features-free-app/Rating: 3 out of 5, by 523 usersContent Rating: 4+File Size: 1.66MRelease Date: December 5, […]

  23. arik r said

    hi glenn,
    Is there a way to make the main branches color white (or other than black)?
    I made the background black as I am using it on my projector at night. and want it to be subtle.


  24. oooo sorry no, I maybe should have put that option in..

    maybe there’s a way of inverting the colours in your projector..

  25. Vic Lowes said

    Hi Glenn I bought your excellent app,The only problem is there still is advertising shown.Could please advise as to have that deleted.Thankyou in advance Vic. Vlowes@telus.net

  26. the ads disable themselves after 3 minutes,
    apologies for this – the original didn’t have ads – but I had to experiment with ways of generating income, as I couldn’t afford to continue development otherwise!

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