Metamorphosis and beyond…

July 1, 2010

It’s nice to be able to celebrate the 300,000+ plays on Vimeo of my generative animation piece Metamorphosis, and tell of where else it has been, and going to.

I’ve actually lost track of the requests I’ve had for it, for festivals, screenings, private use etc, and so many kind comments and emails, from Planetariums, Churches, even from people dying from cancer using it as therapy.

Alas I just don’t have the time to submit to every festival that requests it, or maybe I’m lazy.  They usually have to keep badgering me before I give in.  Two such recent screenings were as an installation at the Edinburgh Film Festival and at the Athens Video Art Festival.

Metamorphosis has proved more popular than anything else I’ve done.  It’s been my ‘big hit’. I often contemplate this.  Maybe because it’s not ‘too’ abstract, the eternal symbolism of the Butterfly, coupled with a generative animation concept that mirrors the cycle of life and death, and the potent atmosphere from the Boards of Canada soundtrack.

Anyway, it seems fitting that I should bring its journey to an ‘end’ by designing a real time, interactive version, for iPad.  Technically more challenging than my Eyegasms and Supernova, but I feel I have to do it.

It will also bring an end to this chapter of my generative animation work, before trying out other things, I’m already prototyping and brainstorming some very different and ambitious projects 🙂

p.s. all my generative apps for iPad (Eyegasm, Supernova) are getting updated for VGA projection, with added speed & color settings.  I’m also updating Zio at the minute for iOS 4 – which will also have VGA support!


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