Supernova for iPad Demo Gallery

May 27, 2010

Supernova is an animated real time visualizer of exploding stars and nebulae.

– Watch stellar visuals in deep space as they slowly expand and contract.

– Based on a pioneering generative animation system by award winning digital artist & programmer Glenn Marshall.

– Complex algorithms continuously generate an infinite variety forms, patterns and motion.

– Perfect as visuals for any kind of music.

– iPad HD graphics quality.

– Inspired by Hubble telescope style photography and Turner paintings.

– Ideal as a cosmic, meditative ‘Aquarium’ for the home.

– Amazing as wallpaper art.

– Use pinch and touch gestures to freely move, zoom and rotate.

– Shake iPad to regenerate random colours.

– Visit the website to see galleries and demo video.


“The App as Art”

Supernova projected live from iPads at Art Basel, Switzerland – a premier international Contemporary & Modern Art Festival, and a technical first for the iPad.

New features for Supernova coming soon include:-
– VGA projection mode – connect to external TV/Projector
– Automatic color change set to timer
– Auto Lock override


13 Responses to “Supernova for iPad Demo Gallery”

  1. […] in- en uitzoomen en wanneer je de iPad schudt dan animeert  de app andere kleuren etc. Op het blog van Glenn Marshall zien we hele mooi plaatjes en we zijn daarom erg […]

  2. chris said

    Any change for this on ipod touch? cause it looks COOL

  3. yep definitely on the cards for iPhone/Touch and iPhone 4 too..

  4. AlfieJr said

    where is the video?

  5. Press play at the top (first image).

  6. ali said

    one word from me… amazing!!!

  7. Thx 🙂
    Would be nice if anyone who likes my apps to give an honest review/rating on iTunes, not everyone gets what I’m trying to do unfortunately, there’s a lot of cynics in the world!

  8. chris said

    Looking forward to it! Great job! I love your works

  9. Josh said

    Hi there,
    I appreciate your work.
    Do you have any plans to make Supernova into an Universal Binary so that it could also run on the iPhone? That would be great, especially if you added support for the Retina Display in iPhone 4, it would bring your art even more alive!
    Also it would be a great gift for the users who already support your work and art by having bought the current iPad version.
    Best regards.

  10. I’ll see! I’ve started work on other apps, and there’s only one of me… thanks for the comments.

  11. […] The app is now available! currently under review at Apple and should be available from iTunes around next week. In the meantime, check out this gallery of visuals generated on Glenn’s site. […]

  12. Hi! Just got this for iPad and it goes into a black screen when I click to start. Help! (Supernova)

  13. I’ll look into this – It possibly might not work with iPad 1 / iOs 5 anymore – I’ll check and get back to you..

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