Eyegasm II – ‘Sapphire’

May 4, 2010

I’m currently developing a suite of variations & different themes for Eyegasm, my iPad app.

This is the second one – the ‘Sapphire’ edition.  The iPad I feel may be a better medium, for obvious reasons, for my work.  I’ve also learned that people like simplicity and fun, and rather than build in the complex editing tools of Zio, I’ll design my own carefully crafted ‘presets’ and release them as individual $1 apps.

It solves a lot of headaches for me, as I can freely evolve the technology and concepts for each new ‘Eyegasm’ and not worry about creating a single monster complex app that tries to do everything.  I already have another few Eyegasms in the pipeline based on the old Zio presets, and more interestingly, brand new ideas and designs all together for future releases.


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