Eyegasm for iPad

April 15, 2010

My new app ‘Eyegasm’ is now available for iPad on the App Store.

It’s essentially a version of Zio, but without the menus and configurability options (p.s. you can still run Zio in ‘upscaled’ mode on the iPad too of course).

Eyegasm however is HD – and takes full advantage of the hi res screen on the iPad.

Here’s the app description:-

“From award winning digital artist Glenn Marshall, Eyegasm is based on his critically acclaimed ‘Zio’ iPhone application. Eyegasm functions much like a lava lamp, or an aquarium – add a soothing, animated visual experience to your room, heart and mind. Beautiful, endlessly generating organic visuals take full advantage of the iPad’s amazing screen resolution and graphical capabilities. Use pinch and touch gestures to freely move, zoom and rotate. Or just sit and watch. Peace.”


7 Responses to “Eyegasm for iPad”

  1. the Brian Eno’s song is?

  2. from his Apollo album..

  3. Eric said

    I enjoy the app, however I want to display it on my TV as an art piece, but I find the animation moves too quickly. Could a setting be added for super slow mow, making it feel more like painting that moves smoothly, but really really slow?

  4. yeah probably a good idea,
    my other app ‘supernova’ has slow speed settings if you don’t have it already.

  5. Eric said

    Yes I have supernova as well. Very nice, but also too fast. Would love to have gasm set so slow that it doesn’t look to be moving much. My guests have a cocktail and conversation and then notice then art piece on the tv screen has changed. It would make a real great conversation piece.

    Thanks, love the apps

  6. Just saw the demo video on Vimeo. Any chance there might be an app for the PC? I LOVE it, but don’t have an iPad.

  7. […] Generative animation iPad app by Glenn Marshall. […]

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