Planetary wonders..

February 19, 2010

Hello Hello,
Sorry for the lack of posts – I’m just back from New York having spent 2 months developing an exciting film project based on science and religion using the Kabbalah and data visualization of the ‘Bible code’. I’m still keeping details of this under wraps for now, but hopefully will have more to tell soon.

Anyway,  Unrelated to the above, I’ve just done a test visual for a planetarium in a 360 fulldome theatre – hopefully this could lead to a niche outlet for my algorithmic / Processing based animations in planetariums, planet wide.

This dome master image was mocked up from my Metamorphosis video.

At this stage it’s just a test – I’ll keep you posted as to any progress with an actual production project.




2 Responses to “Planetary wonders..”

  1. Vinko said

    Looking forward to see another masterpiece.
    All the best.

  2. Lawrie said

    I was in a planetarium a few weeks ago and thought that they would make great locations for film events. I was thinking of skateboarding films (as they’re often shot with FishEye lenses), but Metamorphosis would look spectacular too.

    The film project sounds really exciting too. Keep us updated when you can.

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