Zio Beta Testers Needed

October 15, 2009


My iPhone application Zio is near completion and I should have a Beta ready for next week.

I was planning on using ibetatest.com, but thought I’d throw out the line here to see if anyone would be interested in helping me.  The app needs tested on all devices, iPod touch, iPhone 3G, 3GS etc, and played with a lot for any bugs or suggestions on improvements, and everything possible to help get it past the Apple review process.

If you’re interested either drop me a line or goto the Zio forum I’ve specially created for Beta testing and register there.  Once the Beta is ready you’ll receive further instructions on how to obtain an ad hoc version.

The forum will also be home to users of Zio to talk and discuss about the program and create their own galleries of Zio art.

So hopefully if I can get a few testers I wont need to use ibetatest.com, and in return I can give you a free version of the app, a credit, and hopefully work together again on any future projects I might have.


16 Responses to “Zio Beta Testers Needed”

  1. Trav said

    I’m up for it. Using a 1st-gen iPod Touch — assuming you can see the email I’ve left with this comment, toss me an email there.

  2. I would love to test it and see how ad-hoc installation works in practice. I’ve 3GS. Just use the email from this comment.

    The screenshot looks quite impressive. Waiting to see it in realtime.

  3. Lowell said

    Hey Glenn

    I also be MORE than willing to beta test the “Zio”…. I have a iPod Touch 2G using iPhone OS 3.1.2

    I’m very excited to see what you got!!!

  4. I’ll help if I can – I use an iPhone 3G.

  5. Hi Glen,

    I have an iphone 3G and a 3Gs and would love to beta test your app.

    I am a big fan of your work and would be proud to contribute


  6. Ben C said

    Glenn, been following you for a while. Would love to help out, feel free to drop me a line.

  7. Divarre said


    I am using an iPhone 3GS.
    I’d be really glad to help !


  8. Christina said

    Hi :]
    Your app looks amazing, and I would love to help you beta test it!
    I have an iPhone 3G – 16gb – OS 3.1
    (European version – if that makes any difference..)

  9. Thanks everybody! I think I’ve almost enough now 😉 wasn’t expecting such a quick response. It’s very encouraging. I’ll be in touch with you all in the next few days about setting this up.

  10. Hi Glenn

    I know you said you enough testers, but I would love to participate. I have a first gen iPhone and a 3GS, and I am also in the iPhone developer program, so I can provision phones.

    – Tom

  11. naraic said

    i would love to give it a try, if you’re still looking for people. using a first gen ipod touch.


  12. Yes ok naraic Thanks.

    I’ve about 10 testers now, so that’s plenty, thanks everyone!

  13. Radiobuzz said

    Would love to help but I don’t have an Iphone. Is there a plan to release a PC version later on?

  14. eckhard said

    hey Glenn,
    “tried” to register with the forum but no email ever arrived, i´d be delighted to betatest zio with iphone3g.

  15. Nik said

    I’d love to test….
    Can’t wait to see the app Glenn!

    iPhone 3GS

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