Zio Art

October 1, 2009

Some demo screens from my upcoming iPhone application, Zio.

The graphic/algorithmic engine is finished, and now has particle motion.

I’m in the middle of rebuilding the interface before moving onto audio reaction.  Unfortunately there’s no way of ‘listening’ to audio coming from your iPhone – this is a restriction Apple has placed on the device.  So audio reaction will have to be based on music/audio playing in your room or nearby.  I haven’t done any tests yet but hopefully it should be workable.  However, this just a gimmicky thing in my opinion, Zio is primarily an interactive, meditative art program, which can be viewed with any kind of music whether it’s in literal sync to the amplitudes of the audio or not.

Overall I’m only a couple of weeks away from completion, then it will go for beta testing before finally being submitted to the app store, which might take another week or so.  I’m hoping to have it all done and available for download by end of October.


7 Responses to “Zio Art”

  1. Glenn, this is just fantastic work. I can’t wait for the release.

    As as an aspiring buddhist, I can’t wait to see how it might be used to help in my meditation practice.

    I have considered doing something similar in processing with a large (50″ HD monitor) and started some proof of concept work with TUIO, do you anticipate other versions of this for different platforms?

  2. Alex said

    Will be able to use this on the Ipod touch and do you mean that the visualizer wont be affected by the music currently playing on iphone/ipod touch?

  3. Hey Tom, Thanks.
    Yeah I’m trying to cover all things for all people, a contemplative thing for the introspective, and a loud banging thing for the VJ types.
    If I can earn a living doing this I’ll keep doing it, for other platforms too.

  4. Hi Alex, no the visualiser can’t detect iPod music – none of the apps can, it’s an OS restriction, probably because of copyright concerns (you could copy/record your music otherwise). Hopefully Apple will allow some form of audio detection in next OS update.

  5. Mark said


    Where would one go in order to beta test? I for one would gladly do it for you.

  6. Thanks very much Mark. I plan to use ibetatest.com, so maybe you could register there.

  7. Brian said

    I’d love to see this available for live performance/VJ-ing. I really like how it looks in “blocks” mode on asciimeo.com, too: http://www.asciimeo.com/1747316

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