Zio – Demo video

August 31, 2009

Well we’re almost there, I’ve got most of the features in place for my iPhone app ‘Zio’ – an interactive visualiser based on my generative animation system used in Music Is Math, The Nest That Sailed The Sky etc.

Presently you can change most of the branching and shading and can easily navigate with dragging/pinch zoom and rotate.  You can pause the animation at any time and still interact/move around, and also save pictures to your photo library.

The interface is just a temporary one at the minute for testing, it will be redesigned and probably have twice as much features seen in the demo – including particle motion and trails and the ability to tweak the underlying math and algorithms.

This demo is a screen cap of the iPhone simulator – at times the frame-rate is jerky – but actually runs okay on the real device! (don’t know why that should be).

I’m taking a short break for the minute and off to Austria this week to pick up my award.


4 Responses to “Zio – Demo video”

  1. naraic said

    boards of canada, nice choice.
    sorry if you’ve already answered similar questions…
    will this app actually have audio reaction? from what i gather, apps cannot access the music library so i’m not sure it would even be possible.
    has it been tested on an iPod touch yet? i hope it will be smooth on my first gen model.
    nice work though, cannot wait for it’s release.

  2. this version won’t have audio reaction, but I’m planning on a separate app that will do this, via the internal microphone.
    testing on all devices/debugging will be the final (and most boring) stage.

  3. Looking good! Let me know if you need help with QA.

  4. […] some interviews, picked up my award and talked about my work in the symposium, and also showed off Zio at every opportunity! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; […]

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