iPhone Development #4 – ‘Zio’

July 28, 2009

Well I’ve got my ‘fog’ shading added to the system at last.  It runs pretty well and I’m pleased with it, it’s what gives it a lot of atmosphere and mood.   My webcam doesn’t do it justice in this video, it’s showing the shading very dark and mostly black at times, but is actually much clearer and  balanced in reality.

I’ve also got the double layers working.  The foreground layer has the black dots, the background layer has the white ones.  Everything is still running smoothly enough at 20 fps.  In this video, it is at half the speed from the previous demos, to fit with more ambient music tempo.  I’ll have the option in the settings to adjust between fast/slow.

Next up in development will be the particles (dots) detaching form the stems and floating/swimming about.

This will then cover the basic principles I’ve established for myself with generative animation, i.e.

– continuous growth  (vines)

– dual background/foreground dynamic

– light/shadow (fog shading)

– particle motion to counter growth motion (with particle trails drawn)

– rhythmic camera sway between close up and long shot.

It’s these concepts, if ‘nailed’, will allow endless generative animation, yet maintaining visual interest, surprise, non repetition, artistic sensibility, spatial and temporal variety, and a subtle sense of narrative and purpose.  In short, something which seems alive and creating it’s own world, endlessly.

The music in this demo is my own, and I’m considering ‘shipping’ it with the final app when it’s finished, you can of course disable this and play anything from your Ipod.

Also to be added are the interactive features, moving around, zooming in/out, and shaking the phone will randomise the colour scheme and growth features.

I think I’m about 66% of the way there now.


16 Responses to “iPhone Development #4 – ‘Zio’”

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  4. Jeremy Bible said

    Great work. Love the music! Would love to hear more of your work in the sound realm.

  5. Kenneth said

    Very nice, I love what you’re doing with the visuals, quite a feat for a first time app. I don’t currently have an iphone/ipod touch but am waiting to see what the next rev on the Touch is like-may jump on board then. I would definitely buy your app in that case!

  6. m0rbiu5 said

    Beautiful – I’ll get it when it’s out, certainly….forwarding to all my artsy-dork friends 🙂

  7. Thanks all. I’m gonna need all the support possible when this is released in order to get noticed amid the many, many thousands of other apps 🙂

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  9. Shane said

    Looks great. I’ll look for it it when you release it 🙂

  10. Ben said

    This looks really cool! Do you have an estimate for when it will be released?

  11. September release hopefully!

  12. Micah said

    This does look beautiful…Can it read the music your ipod is playing and react to that?

  13. the initial version probably won’t, but future versions will have audio reactive features.

  14. Nice. Thanks for sharing…

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  16. […] full blog on this here iPhone Development #4 – ‘Zio’ […]

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