The Nest That Sailed The Sky – Winner at Prix Ars Electronica

May 27, 2009

Picture 3

My video for Peter Gabriel, The Nest That Sailed The Sky, has won an award of distinction at this year’s Prix Ars Electronica. 

from the press release :-

“Glenn Marshall is the graphic artist responsible for Peter Gabriel’s music video “The Nest that Sailed the Sky.” The animation transports viewers into magnificent fantasy worlds in which plantlike organisms sprout, send out shoots and proliferate. The video was created with Processing, an open-source programming language & environment.” ……full list of winners here.

ahem…I’d like to thank…

everyone who introduced/inspired me to learn Processing, and everyone on the Processing forums for their support.

everyone on/at Vimeo for hosting my work, and all the encouraging feedback and comments.

and finally thanks to Peter!


15 Responses to “The Nest That Sailed The Sky – Winner at Prix Ars Electronica”

  1. Tom said

    Congratulations – well deserved 🙂

  2. Carl Emil said

    I love your visual aesthetics. The Nest That Sailed The Sky is absolutely wonderful and the ARS Electronica price is well deserved. Im working on generative visuals for live music at the moment and your work is most inspiring. Thanks.

  3. JohnMcQ said

    A beautiful piece of work and a well-deserved recognition.
    I’m just beginning to explore Processing and I’m very much inspired by your creations.

  4. Doc said

    well served is right Glenn!
    Well done.

  5. Doc said

    sorry, that should have read ‘deserved!!!’ my bad.

  6. […] I’m taking short break for the minute and of to Austria this week to pick up my award. […]

  7. Mark Willett said

    Hi Glen

    congratulations on The Nest that Sailed the Sky, beautiful body of work

  8. Hi Mark.
    Mark Willett – Derry ?
    great to hear from you again if one and the same 🙂

  9. Mark Willett said

    yes mate same MW, glad to see the awards finding your well deserved efforts, Im still hidden in 5 point type up the margin.. do you run into Ken Simpson at all anymore? or is that another life in another world?


  10. Vinko said

    The award couldn’t have come in better hands. Well deserved.
    Excellent work.

    I believe – it’s never to late for a nice word and congratulations 🙂
    … better ever than never!

  11. The Sipping n' Painting Blog said

    We got to see Peter at Red Rocks in colorado – took our kids with us. Awesome Awesome evening full of lightening and rain and beautiful night sky with of course – an amazing orchestral background to Peter’s amazing talents.

  12. He knows how to put on a show!

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