Motion Graphic Synthesis #2

March 31, 2009

Have just finished the first usable build of my graphic synthesiser.  Below are just screen-grabs of me playing around in its first afternoon of functioning.



a basic set up – 3 simple patterns – created by repeating along paths, with changing scale, colour –  these are then repeated again around a radial path with orientation.




altered the values of the 3 individual patterns slightly, positioning, path shapes etc.




more playing around with value changing.




switched off orientation for parent path, so they all point the same direction.




orientation back on, but with gradual scaling effect on parent path.




switched a few of the parent signal path generators to ‘noise’ – our 3 patterns are scattered more randomly.




gradual scaling, but with slightly random distribution.




randomly tweaking values to see what happens.




changed the basic shapes to triangles and squares, also tried a white background.




more playing about.



Still early days, there’s a lot that’s still not functioning yet, for example, modulation of phase and bias,  square waves, sawtooths (only sines at the minute), full shape modelling (ploys), curved lines.  I’ve only got a hue function working at the minute, but saturation, brightness, alpha to follow.  Every parameter can be animated and effected by other signals in a complex hierarchical system – let’s hope the bugs don’t bite!



3 Responses to “Motion Graphic Synthesis #2”

  1. Em said

    Great work!
    In which language is it written in? Processing? or Max?

  2. […] that uses the same principles of wave synthesis but to generate changing images, (blog posts 1, 2, 3 and Graphic Synthesiser Demo (3:51), 4, 5) and an iPhone App (blog post 1, 2 and iPhone App Test […]

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