Peter Gabriel Tour Visuals

March 13, 2009


Have just finished producing concert visuals for Peter Gabriel for his South American tour which kicks of next week, produced through onedotzero in London.

The picture above is the military airbase in Wiltshire were he has been rehearsing, and where the lighting and visuals have been tested too.

I’ve created visuals for his song ‘No Self Control’, which consists lots of my Processing work (procedural animation) and sequences from some of my earlier work ‘Butterfly’.  Has been a great thrill to work with my hero once again, I’ll hopefully get some pics/footage from the concerts and post them here soon.

Below are just a few of the dates.







2 Responses to “Peter Gabriel Tour Visuals”

  1. yusha said

    this is really interesting

  2. […] Work with Peter Gabriel: The Drop (3:08) first music video, for Peter Gabriel, made in 2003 – made on his own time, but eventually included on an official DVD, and paid for his time. The song is from the album Up (blog post) Quiet Steam (6:27) second video for Peter Gabriel, a b-side track from Digging In The Dirt (blog post) Visuals for ‘No Self Control’ (live recording) (4:38) which consists lots of Processing work (procedural animation) and sequences from some of ‘Butterfly’ (blog post) […]

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