The Nest That Sailed The Sky (2nd version – Finished)

February 17, 2009

This is the completed video I’ve done for Peter Gabriel – you can see the original test animation here.

I was asked to develop the ‘story’ further, and got some visual ideas from looking through photos from the original OVO album shoot.  I got three extra visual ideas from this – single cells, an empty nest, trails of red berries.

I developed 6 animation sequences using this imagery, all showing different stages of birth, life, transcendence, decay etc.

1. single cells growing on ends of stems, with dark underwater shading , I also added concentric ripples which emanated from the growing vines.

2. empty nests with trails of red berries being left behind where ever the stems grow from, against subdued morning sky shading.

3. the boy in the nest appears, against sunset shaded background.

4. boy in nest against brighter blue sky shading.

5. ‘star child’ luminous effect on dark background.

6. single cells again, without stems, dark watery shading.

I rendered out each sequence for the entirety of the song’s duration.  The shapes of the vines and positions of the sprites are exact for each sequence, this allowed me to dissolve each sequence at any point from one into another and maintain a natural looking transition.   In post production, through simple dissolves, I could experiment with and craft together a visual narrative that changed with musical cues in the song.

I’ve also improved the code in my animation system (programmed in Processing) to smooth out the jarring motion of the stems as they grow out/in – it now eases in/out nicely.


13 Responses to “The Nest That Sailed The Sky (2nd version – Finished)”

  1. Ben said

    Just incredible. Was going to write a whole spiel but it doesn’t need it. Amazing video.

  2. faBo said

    The final scene is really stunning.
    Your work with Processing is truly inspiring Glenn.

  3. howard said

    i love you work. I find it quite symbolic and truly inspirational.

  4. KGT said

    Truly remarkable. I was humbled by the visual implications of the last 30 seconds.

  5. Nicholas said

    Some of the most impressive processing and animated fractal work I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Chuck said

    Truly beautiful,,,, very very beautiful…

  7. Doc said

    Colours are amazing! Really moody work Glenn, fantastic!

  8. […] from photos from the original album shoot: single cells, an empty nest, trails of red berries (blog post) Hermes window display animation (1:06) the first of a couple of commercial projects that employed […]

  9. dog like sparky said

    Profoundly gorgeous.

  10. I adore your work. I would be honroed if you stopped

  11. […] just saw this video from Glen Marshall on VJ.TV, which he did for Peter Gabriel.  I’m not gonna say much about it, just watch […]

  12. […] # The Nest that Sailed the SkY Posted 15-08.2009 Filed under: animation, artistic, videO | Een afgeronde tweede editie die op verzoek is ontwikkeld uit een eerder basis concept door Glenn Marshall, tevens een soort eerbetoon aan Peter Gabriel. Door middel van een prachtig stukje video bewerking neemt de maker je mee en verteld zijn verhaal verdeeld over 6 verschillende fases; met onder andere geboorte en opgroeien als thema’s. Zeer uitgebreide omschrijving is te vinden op het weblog artikel (Link). […]

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