Some real time demos

February 6, 2009

I thought is was time to show my animation system actually running in real time.  It holds up reasonably well, although I’ve had to knock back a lot of the fancy shading fx, but with a bit of work and optimisation I’m sure I could get failrly close to the fully rendered quality of my previous videos.

Here’s the first demo – it’s actually part of a small project I’m working on to create some animated branding material for a local music web channel – to be launched soon.



Here’s the second, it’s just a demo – not a commissioned project, using the BP logo.   As with the previous demo, I’m always interested in how I can use logos growing out of vines and adding extra little effects to somehow suit the product/company.



All built in Processing of course.


2 Responses to “Some real time demos”

  1. Ian said

    You may want to revisit this BP animation and make a bit of a statement regarding the spill?

  2. funny I was thinking that! …I’ll have a think…

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