Hermes window display animation

February 3, 2009

This is the first of a couple of commercial projects I’ve been working which has employed my ‘zeno’ animation system programmed in Processing.

I was commissioned to create a looped animation by Lucy-Ann Bouwman at Sightgeist Design as part of a Christmas window display for Hermes.  Images relating to products and the window display design were integrated into the animation.

Client: Sightgeist Design Inc / Hermes of Paris
Concept/Design Copyright 2008: Lucy-Ann Bouwman / Sightgeist Design Inc
Creative Director: Lucy-Ann Bouwman /
Photography Copyright 2009: Chris Akelian /
Digital Animation  Copyright 2008: Glenn Marshall


2 Responses to “Hermes window display animation”

  1. Glenn

    This is really gorgeous – but I do miss the way you sync other videos with music.

    Clever use of the product images in an abstract way, too.

  2. […] Music Is Math (unfinished) (3:15) first animation in Processing. Inspired by the Boards of Canada track ‘Music is Math’ from Geogaddi (blog post) The ‘Mandela’ Variation (3:45) variation of ‘Music is Math,’ using Nelson Mandela’s prison number as the seed value (blog post) Music is Math (final version) (5:24) "I just let the program run till the end of the music" (blog post) Metamorphosis (2:49) based on Boards of Canada’s ‘Corsair,’ also from Geogaddi (blog post) Radiohead – ‘Bodysnatchers’ (4:11) song from In Rainbows. Marshall’s first attempt at music visualization (blog post) Waltz from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake suite (5:45) entirely generative/audio reactive animation, i.e. no keyframing or manual input or editing (blog post) The Nest That Sailed The Sky (test) (5:06) Music by Peter Gabriel, from his album OVO – The Millennium Show (Millennium Dome, London) (blog post) The Nest That Sailed The Sky (final) (5:07) with three extra visual ideas from photos from the original album shoot: single cells, an empty nest, trails of red berries (blog post) Hermes window display animation (1:06) the first of a couple of commercial projects that employed Marshall’s ‘zeno’ animation system (blog post) […]

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