The Nest That Sailed The Sky

January 19, 2009

Another video I’ve done using my animation system programmed in the Processing language.

Music by Peter Gabriel, from his album OVO – The Millennium Show (Millennium Dome, London).  I used the image on the album cover for the sprites in the animation.

p.s. this is a work in progess – second version underway……..


8 Responses to “The Nest That Sailed The Sky”

  1. Patrick said

    Hi Glenn – this is really gorgeous! An excellent choice of music, as well. There seems to be a point where the velocity of the ‘branches’ abruptly changes (perhaps from ‘growing’ to ‘shrinking’ mode?) which I find a bit jarring – it implies a kind of impulsive force which isn’t present in the music or in the rest of the animation. Other than that, I could watch this all day. Keep up the great work!

  2. Yes I totally agree, it’s been on my ‘fix it’ list for sometime now, I’ll get round to it eventually 🙂

  3. Cadete said

    Beautiful, i am your fan

  4. […] This is the completed video I’ve done for Peter Gabriel – you can see the original test animation here. […]

  5. […] Music by Peter Gabriel, from his album OVO – The Millennium Show (Millennium Dome, London) (blog post) The Nest That Sailed The Sky (final) (5:07) with three extra visual ideas from photos from the […]

  6. I Could nothing say any more.

    Without any Words

    Make more please.

    I like it so.

  7. Martin said

    I was wandering the Electronic Ars exhibition last summer – exhausted, overloaded, tired – when I stopped right in front of your work. I cannot recall for how long I was “inhaling” what you have done…it refreshened my mind and soul and consequently – my body. WUNDER-bar !

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