The Red Rose of Newcastle

December 1, 2008

This was a short film I was commissioned for earlier in the year.  It’s part of a regional BBC series called Days Like This – animations depicting extraordinary stories of every day people – using their actual recorded monologue. 

My episode, The Red Rose of Newcastle, is about an elderly man who witnesses an amazing act of remembrance on a beach in Newcastle,  County Down, Northern Ireland – on a cold, windy day in January.

I created an ‘oil painted’ visual style and technique in After Effects, using everything from 3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage, photographs and illustrations – filtered through combinations of plugins to create a painted, hand crafted look.  I also done the sound design and music.

The series begins broadcasting tonight on BBC One NI at 10.35pm, and will run through until Christmas.  My episode is on this Thursday (4th December) at 10.30pm.



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