Digital Religious Art – Part II

October 10, 2008


This is an idea I came up with a few years ago, but was one of numerous projects I couldn’t get funding for and got shelved.  But with my new maverick attitude, I might pursue this in my own time in the future, using Processing.  In the storyboards below however, I’ve used one of my all time favourite pieces of software, XFrog.

This was the original synopsis.

“An animated cartoon of Prophet Mohammad.

It’s attention grabbing isn’t it, but in this case for the right reasons. 

This film looks at Islamic calligraphy from an experimental computer animator’s point of view, by taking Mohammad’s signature as a visual motif and evolving it to create a dazzling, beautiful and spiritual art piece.

Calligraphy is esteemed as the highest art form within Islam, and the only allowable means of representing Mohammad visually. 

Counter to what those Danish cartoonists done, I want to do something that provokes in a positive and enlightening way, and create something that transcends the paranoid perceptions of westerners and non-Muslims, and which also shows respect for Islamic law and celebrates its art.

The actual computer animation technique used will employ 3d plant/tree modelling software, used in this case to create/grow/evolve the actual handwritten signature of Mohammad much like trees and plants themselves, but in a more abstract, complex and artistic way.

I am also a musician and will create the soundtrack.  For me it is crucial that it’s contemporary and upbeat, and deliberately not ‘Arabic’ or ‘call to prayer’ in tone, as one might expect.  The film is not about a culture, or a race of people, but about a sophisticated spiritual art form, expressing a beloved religious figure’s handwritten name.  In a way the music, and the film itself, should be beyond religion.

I’ve been a Buddhist for about 10 years now, and see this also as an opportunity to step outside my own ‘boundaries’ and look into the good of other religions and draw from its spiritual art, and hopefully through good karma and/or divine direction, I can produce something meaningful and healing, and set an example for others.”

And here’s the storyboard.


2 Responses to “Digital Religious Art – Part II”

  1. Lawrie said

    Very interesting concept.
    I really hope you do pursue this, as some of the storyboard art looks great, and would be beautiful in motion.

  2. Beautiful!
    What is amazing about it is how can something harmonious come out of any shape.

    hope you will show us some animation soon.

    best of luck.

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