September 23, 2008

Just some ‘light entertainment’ fun, I made this a few years ago, motivated by the need to have a study/realism piece in my portfolio which is mainly experimental/abstract.
It’s also a nolstalgic homage to classic computer raytracing, Chopin, and shiny things of child hood.

Took about 4 weeks to make, which included learning Softimage XSI to produce it with.


3 Responses to “Marbles”

  1. Chad said

    I was browsing your website and have to say your work is pretty brilliant. I’m new to computer science and programming but have been doing graphical stuff for a while with programs like Blender and a little bit of Maya. I just thought that I would ask, where did you go for your primary resource on learning XSI?? There seems like there is absolute no training anywhere for that program. Processing? Any good material to read? Keep up the work, you are very talented and am looking forward to your next work! -Chad

  2. Hey thanks,
    When it comes to learning new software, I’m pretty methodical, I look around for the most comprehensive tutorials/books, and begin going through them, every page from front to back, until I’m comfortable with every working part of the software, and learn what’s possible with it.

    The ultimate learning strategy however is to set yourself the goal of a finished piece of work, it may cause a lot of sweat and tears, but by the end, you’ll have learned everything you need.

  3. […] Marbles (1:29) an early study/realism piece – a nostalgic homage to classic computer raytracing (blog post) Landscapes (4:49) a test made with Terragen, music by Ligeti; inspired by Kubrick and […]

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