Music Is Math (Finished HD version)

August 24, 2008

This is the HD and finished version of my video ‘Music Is Math’. I just let the program run till the end of the music, I felt reluctant to interfere too much by trying to sculpt an ending, and just let the code run its own natural course.

NOTE: you need to visit the Vimeo site directly to view in HD mode – it will guide you there when you try to switch on HD in the screen above, or you can go direct by using this link.

12 Responses to “Music Is Math (Finished HD version)”

  1. The HD version has made this video even better! Downloading the quicktime version on Vimeo gives an even larger (and not clipped) viewport which really gives a better feel for the overall movement and makes the final piece really polished. Now I just need to figure out how I can get this to play on my 52″ via AppleTV 🙂

  2. glennmarshall said

    Yeah, kudos to Vimeo for offering such a service, I hope if they become as big as youtube they don’t degenerate into porn, movie trailers and advertising.

    52″?…. I’ve only seen it on my 22″ monitor – I hope you don’t spot any mistakes!

  3. Glenn I don’t have your email, but since your work inspired me to dig into processing, this is the result of my first several hours. Nothing compared to your work, but all the same I felt compelled to share:

    (turn your sound on)

  4. Magic!
    There’s some really nice, natural looking textures that come out of it. Did you use particle systems/perlin noise, or something more simple.
    p.s. my email is in the ‘contact’ page above.

  5. […] based on the Zeno animation system I’ve been developing for my first two videos Music is Math and Metamorphosis. This time it’s Radiohead with their Bodysnatchers track from In […]

  6. blackdog said

    This reminds me of the Palladia short with the crows and trees. Pretty cool stuff.

  7. […] is Math (final version) (5:24) "I just let the program run till the end of the music" (blog post) Metamorphosis (2:49) based on Boards of Canada’s ‘Corsair,’ also from Geogaddi […]

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