Iris Generator

August 14, 2008

This was actually my very first sketch in Processing, made back in April sometime I think.  I wanted to create a program that would generate iris forms with slight randomising of colours and form, and much broader variables which would abstract it into something completely different.  It was a case of my ambitions far exceeding my technical ability as a noob, but I persisted to the bitter end.

In the end the code was messy, slow and the final product fell short of my naively high expectations.  Nevertheless I was learning coding all the time, through sheer determination to achieve a goal.

Here’s the gallery I built up during testing.

Ironically, the best thing to come out of this was a little spin of sketch early on in development.  It’s called ‘stringball’, you can view the program here

The lesson learned here was to not try too hard to create some kind of super sophisticated program as an end result, but rather have fun exploring ideas, and build on that, letting ideas evolve and follow their own path.

My next sketch after this was a little more interesting, and was the last one I done before doing the Music is Math animation.  I’ll post more on this one soon.


7 Responses to “Iris Generator”

  1. miri said

    viewed your video, “lotus” on veoh. just beautiful. looks like you are working with sacred geometry, the fibonacci sequence, etc.? i’m am a layperson but i imagine your programs have the potential for numerous types of applications.

    nw usa

  2. glennmarshall said

    Actually there’s a point in the Lotus film, just before the flower opens up, where all the geometric lines form into a vedic yantra, which is an ancient meditative symbol of perfectly balanced energies. Lotus was made for 35mm cinemascope, and is quite a difference experience in a large cinema rather than youtube!

    I’ll be talking more about my older works in future posts, and about how I adapted my Lotus film for a Buddhist monastery as a teaching/demonstration device about meditation.

  3. walski said

    Sheer determination… I’ll keep this in mind for my little shape generator!

  4. mmmmm just looked your website Walski, very cool idea 🙂

  5. shaman4d said

    Hi Glenn.

    Could you open source of “stringball” generator ?

  6. It’s VERY bad coding, was my first attempt, it would be a nightmare to figure out.

  7. shaman4d said

    It doesnt matter how your code look but important for me is what code do. I just very impressed and inspired with your works. I like develop some kind of effects in Adobe Flash but you open my eyes to Processing. You approve that Processing is more powerfull by your works.

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