Butterfly, Reborn.

August 4, 2008

First of all, if you’re looking for my previous animations and artwork, you can still find them on my MySpace page here.

That was my previous life.

Earlier this year, I discovered Processing, and what could be done with it, and I realised that the only way forward for me as an experimental computer animator, was to abandon my life long toolsets of 3d and 2d software (Adobe, 3ds Max etc), and begin programming my own art, creating my own unique tools.

With After Effects, 3ds Max and suchlike, your limits are practical, but with programming, your limits are theoritical, and this is the mind blowing realisation that has reduced my daily sleep by about 2 hours.

I’ve been working hard the last 6 weeks on my first animation test using Processing, and is very near completion. During this time I’ve developed my own animation system the ‘ZenO’ – you can see some test images below.  I’ll explain more about this system soon,  I should also have some video to show soon.  

This all marks the reinvention of me and my website, bye for now.

2 Responses to “Butterfly, Reborn.”

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  2. shaman4d said

    Hi. I very inspired by your work. I just dont understand one thing: what is oscillator ? Is it hardware or some kind of software sound analyzer invented by you?

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