Hello all friends, followers, fans & foes,

I’m now available for work in the Windy Apple (NYC). ┬áIf anybody knows of studios or agencies you think I should know about, let me and/or them know!

I’m trying to take my artistic career onto the next level in this incredible city – and need help finding the right place and people,

Many thanks for any help..


Turn Off Your Mind

November 2, 2012

This is my reel covering 10 years of work as an independent film maker, animator and interactive artist.
From my first commissioned film ‘Butterfly’ in 2002 by the Irish Film Board, to experimental code art in 2012 in New York, I’ve been passionately pursuing my vision of computer art in every available technology and medium, from music videos, iPhones and 3d game worlds, to planetariums, concert visuals and data visualization.

Mike Singleton

October 17, 2012

RIP Mike Singleton – probably the most inspirational creative figure in my whole life – the greatest game designer ever from the golden era – the beauty and mystery of those computer generated landscapes still inspire me in everything I do. Thank you so much.


Coming to New York

June 10, 2012

I’m based in New York now everyone..

Draw Mohammad Day?

May 21, 2012

My contribution to the Draw Mohammad Day yesterday. Everyone seemed to be hell bent on drawing offensive, insulting images and starting a Holy War. Thought I’d try to do something nice instead with generative art (math & code), and still make a point about freedom of speech.


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