August 5, 2014

Just a general update and news on some things…

First of all I updated the website.  The Gallery now has a full collection of stills, artwork, concept visuals etc from my earliest work to the present day.  The About section now has a full biography and resume on me.

My new music video ‘Clouds in Cloudless Skies’ gets its New York premier with a live performance by Hello Moth this week, as part of my friends Culture Shock’s anniversary celebrations – here are the details..

Celebrating seven years of innovation, Culture Shock NY is delighted to present a special anniversary event August 7th featuring the New York debut of Canadian electronic musician Hello Moth and world premiere of Clouds in Cloudless Skies, the new music video created entirely from programming code directed by Belfast-based artist Glenn Marshall, Culture Shock Interactive Director.

In addition to Hello Moth’s live performance and music video screening of Clouds in Cloudless Skies with three-wall projection and surround sound, Culture Shock invites audiences to immerse themselves in SoundSelf, a collision of centuries old meditation technology with video-game trance. Designed for the next generation of Virtual Reality, SoundSelf takes advantages of loopholes in human perception to induce an introspective state of ecstasy, using use your voice to fall through an odyssey of light and body. The celebration continues throughout the night with sounds from Leisure Cruise (DJ set).


Live performance by Hello Moth
New Music Video screening “Clouds in Cloudless Skies” from the debut album Infinitely Repeated (Directed by Glenn Marshall : Music Hello Moth)
Immersive virtual reality experience of SoundSelf on the Oculus Rift
With Leisure Cruise (DJ Set)

Doors at 7pm
58 N. 3rd St. Williamsburg, NY 11211 Bedford L stop
Event is Free. Please R.S.V.P.

(on Facebook)

Finally, I’ve just launched my Kickstarter campaign for Evolution – you can view the project page here.

Hello all friends, followers, fans & foes,

I’m now available for work in the Windy Apple (NYC).  If anybody knows of studios or agencies you think I should know about, let me and/or them know!

I’m trying to take my artistic career onto the next level in this incredible city – and need help finding the right place and people,

Many thanks for any help..


Turn Off Your Mind

November 2, 2012

This is my reel covering 10 years of work as an independent film maker, animator and interactive artist.
From my first commissioned film ‘Butterfly’ in 2002 by the Irish Film Board, to experimental code art in 2012 in New York, I’ve been passionately pursuing my vision of computer art in every available technology and medium, from music videos, iPhones and 3d game worlds, to planetariums, concert visuals and data visualization.

Mike Singleton

October 17, 2012

RIP Mike Singleton – probably the most inspirational creative figure in my whole life – the greatest game designer ever from the golden era – the beauty and mystery of those computer generated landscapes still inspire me in everything I do. Thank you so much.


Coming to New York

June 10, 2012

I’m based in New York now everyone..


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